About Atlas Fintech

Atlas FinTech (“AFT”) is an institutional-level Technology, Research, and Trading firm specializing in Foreign Exchange (FX). AFT’s core product is our FX Market Making and liquidity provision technology and expertise. In addition to making markets in FX, we also license our technology to allow others to provide FX pricing to their clients. Our research arm provides customized monetization strategies to maximize client order flow.

AFT is a proprietary Foreign Exchange market making liquidity provider. AFT distributes amalgamated feeds via streaming prices or passively using resting bids and offers. The technology shifts prices based on time series data and strategies to offer our competitive edge to the average recycled liquidity. The Pricing Engine is extremely flexible with its’ streams in terms of execution report times, spreads, tiers etc. Our client base ranges from Banks, hedge funds to retail traders and brokers.

Atlas FinTech makes markets and engages in proprietary trading of SpotFX, Forwards and Swaps. While focusing mainly on the G20 currencies, AFT offers liquidity on a wide variety of currency pairs and crosses including exotics and metals.